Young Digitals

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Hi, we’re Young Digitals.
We’re a brand communication
agency with a global vision
on digital platforms.

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As a digital agency we cover every
step of a communication strategy.
From consultancy to channel and
media management, to the development
of social and mobile apps.

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We are based in Padova, Italy,
a nice little town between
Venice and the Alps. From here
we design, monitor and manage
national and international campaigns.

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All our projects are driven by a
cultural approach. We believe that
understanding what people
do online – and why – is more
relevant than just focusing on numbers.

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Discover what we do:
in case you like it,
we’ll be more than happy
to tell you more.


In-house educational formats for marketing
or management teams.


On-going mentorship to support digital strategies.

Community management

Content production, curation and
moderation on social media handles.


Social-integrated apps, mobile apps,
mini websites.


Graphic conception and development
for multimedia support.


Management of media investment
in the digital sphere.

Velux Italy

Digital brand identity
development on Facebook

A step-by-step consultancy path to
seize the opportunities of the social web

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Being Velux a world leader in the roof windows industry, they had great expectations about opening up their Facebook page. But it’s pretty hard to spark conversations about a window - something people usually take for granted.

We decided to shift the content production from the product itself to the benefits that natural light brings to everyday life. But since light is something universally inspiring, symbolizing positivity and fulfillment, a window becomes a means to reach out to quintessential examples of good, happening all around the world: Velux then talks about stories of social empowerment, environmental awareness and global sustainability.

Within this topic, the product is not marginal: its appearance and visual representation is thought to organically fit the context and emphasize the brand’s closeness to those positive values.

Müller Italy

Digital strategy and
community management

A cross-channel aesthetic experience
to convey a richer brand image.

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Müller asked us to build a better relationship with its fans on Facebook, one that could go beyond the positive yet pretty pointless “how-good-is-your-product” kind of interaction.
We dug deep in the foundations of the brand’s essence to find a productive and modern way to tell a story about pleasure, passion and taste: rather than talking about the cliché of five senses, we felt it was more effective to follow the path of their creative mixture; in other words, of synesthesia.

From an implementation perspective, this means integration: Facebook then becomes an hub of curated content coming from a number of other channels we included in the mix. Pinterest, YouTube, but also Foursquare, Goodreads and even Polyvore are used to define the brand values via evocative pieces of content.

The result is a constant and progressive education of Müller’s community to engaging with unusual, high-profile and emotional content which is switching conversations from a quantitatively to a qualitatively rewarding outcome.

Audi Italy

Strategy and community
management on Pinterest

A new way to communicate
the automotive industry

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Looking at the automotive industry, it's clear that its communication on digital media revolves around one thing: product. All major brands express a similar content strategy, which apparently engages just a small subset of all potential customers.

Not everyone who is willing to buy a car, or needs to, is a car fanatic: that's why we decided to communicate the Audi universe through its core brand values, such as technological innovation and avantgarde – without showing any single piece of a car.


Managing Partner

Simply put, Michele is a punch in the face. His vision on the digital world is sharp, while his attitude is definitely proactive and straightforward. If your brand either has potential or sucks, he’s going to tell you.



Managing Partner

Marco is quite unique: his professional experience led him through most of the digital world, so he’s familiar with advertising networks as much as web development or social media management. This makes him a safe harbor for every daily challenge.



Partner, Head of Research

It’s hard not to be amazed by Guido: his passion for marketing and research is one of the pillars we’re building the agency’s future on, day after day. Apart from global research, he’s in charge of Young Digital Lab and Digital in the Round, our cultural projects.



Client director

Paola is passionate about building true and long-lasting relationships. Her client-centric approach is crucial to set high quality standards for projects from day one, assuring satisfaction on one hand, and growth on the other.



Junior Sales Manager

Silvia is the perfect balance between a lively mass of curly hair, and a true passion for making things happen in the business world.



Strategic Account

Energy, dedication and a positive attitude are what Gessica brings into the office everyday. Which makes working with her enlightening, and a lot of fun too.



Community Manager

Despite his young age (which we’re really proud of), Alessandro is a detail-oriented professional with a great sensitivity to new digital trends and emerging cultural memes.



Senior Art Director

Lara leads the creative development of projects with a natural taste for quality brand image. Her direct and candid way of talking about design makes it easy to distinguish what’s hot from what’s not.



Junior Art Director

From architecture to music to tacky tv shows from the 90’s, Andrea is one of the most peculiar connoisseurs you’ll ever encounter. His works are filled with a creative mix of his extensive knowledge, becoming original and witty.


Observing, studying and transferring
knowledge is crucial in order to keep on being updated. Here’s why we launched our two
cultural projects – and we’re proud of them.

Young Digital Lab was born in 2010 with one purpose: reverse mentoring.

The aim is to put under-30 digital marketing professionals to teach companies and agencies how to approach communication and business in the digital world, through a series of itinerant events that so far gathered over 650 participants from all across Italy.

Digital In The Round

Digital In The Round was born in 2013 as a viewpoint on different digital landscapes.

Today innovation and big numbers come from every corner of the world, giving birth to new trends and digital platforms different than the Western ones. We monitor and observe the digital scenarios of fast-growing areas of the world, such as China, Russia, India, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.


When you’re growing fast, you either struggle to become something else or to stay true to yourself. We’re definitely aiming for the latter.

Our roots are those of friendship and hard work, though we’re probably one of the most fast-paced, challenging and surprising places to work, if you’re driven by the passion for branding and digital communication.

Young Digitals started in 2010, and quickly grew into a lively crew working with top-notch brands at the global level.

We know this is just the beginning: if you feel like writing the next chapter of this story, warm up your fingers and fill in the form.

  • Account Manager

    Any plans for the week? We've got something for you!

    Young Digitals is seeking a skilled Account Manager capable of creating and implementing digital communication plans to join our team.

    This is a key role in Young Digitals: you’ll be responsible for the oversee of the project management. You will act as the liaison between the client and the internal resources of the agency, also managing (and strengthening) the relationship with the client. You will coordinate the different teams involved in the project, assuring the delivery of the activities according to the deadlines and the quality standards.

    What are your skills? Here’s what we need:

    • 2 years experience in the same role in digital agencies
    • knowledge of the main social networks’ features
    • sensitivity towards global digital trends
    • ability to manage time and costs of a project
    • fluent English, both written and spoken
    • analytical and strategic thinking
    • operational autonomy
    • communication skills
    • leadership attitude
    • relationship management
    • accounting skills

    Working location: Padova (Italy)

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  • Social Media Manager - English mother tongue

    Do you think you know Social Media more than they know you? We have something interesting for you!

    We are looking for an experienced Social Media Manager with a strong passion for the digital world, to expand and strengthen our social media team.

    Your main responsibility will be the overall management of our projects on social media channels, through a constant dialogue with the strategic, the creative and the graphic team. You’ll be in charge of all the operative activities related with the drafting and editing of the editorial calendar (community management, posting, content curation and editing of posts). Last but not least, you’ll deal with project monitoring and preparation of reports.

    What are your skills? Here’s what we need:

    • English mother tongue
    • 2 years experience in the same role
    • full knowledge of the main social networks’ features
    • knowledge of the main monitoring and analytics tools
    • sensitivity towards global digital trends
    • ability to manage the relationship with clients
    • ability to organize and manage meetings and calls
    • reports preparation and presentation
    • analytical and organizational skills
    • precision and attention to details
    • chill and proactive attitude
    • previous experience in the management of ads campaigns is considered as a plus

    Working location: Padova (Italy)

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  • Social Media Manager - Internship

    Are you ready to turn your genuine passion for Social Media into a job?

    We are looking for a young and enthusiastic Social Media Manager, passionate about the digital world and social media trends. And – you'd have never guessed it – a team worker.

    You will be working within our international Social Media team, and you will be involved in all the thrilling activities related to social media platforms management.
    In particular, you’ll be giving support to editorial planning, monitoring and moderation activity on social media channels, including the creation and presentation of reports.

    What are your skills? Here’s what we need:

    • knowledge of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are a must, Vkontakte & WeChat are a plus)
    • precision and attention to details
    • chill and proactive attitude
    • flexibility
    • curiosity and willingness to learn and be always updated on digital news
    • good knowledge of the English language

    Working location: Padova (Italy)

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  • Graphic Designer - Internship

    Do you think images travel faster than words? We have something interesting for you!

    We are looking for a graphic designer with a strong attitude towards creativity and brand communication.

    Your main responsibility will be the creation of graphic content for editorial strategies on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vkontakte (Russia) and Sina Weibo (China).

    Your activities will include concept development and content creation: that’s why we’re looking for someone who’s always updated on digital trends, and in the know of what’s hot and what’s not.

    What are your skills and attitudes? Here’s what we need:

    • ability to understand a marketing brief and respond to it with creative solutions
    • good understanding of Photoshop, Illustrator and Keynote
    • familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite
    • creative and innovative thinking
    • precision and attention to details
    • proactive attitude
    • passion for illustration, videomaking, photography and/or digital art is considered a plus

    Working location: Padova (Italy)

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  • Spontaneous Application

    If you feel your profile doesn’t fit with our open positions, send us your resume anyway: you might be the perfect candidate of our forthcoming opening!

    Working location: Padova (Italy)

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Spontaneous Application

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Social Media Manager - English Mother Tongue

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Account Manager

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Graphic Designer - Internship

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Social Media Manager - Internship

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